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Option to Register an Alternate Address: What You Need to Know

31 May 2024

Editor: ET

When incorporating a company in Singapore, corporate transparency is key. The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) mandates that certain information about company officers, including their residential addresses, be accessible to the public.

However, if privacy is a concern, ACRA offers an option to register an alternate address. Here’s what you need to know, with insights from

Why Register an Alternate Address?

Registering an alternate address allows you to keep your residential address private while still complying with ACRA’s transparency requirements. This can be particularly important for protecting your personal privacy and security.

How to Register an Alternate Address

At Incorporation or Any Time:

  • You can choose to register an alternate address at the point of incorporating your company or at any later date.


  • The fee for registering an alternate address is $40.


  • The alternate address must be a location where you can be contacted, such as your office or a corporate service provider’s office.

  • It must be within the same jurisdiction as your residential address and cannot be a P.O. Box address.

Benefits of Using an Alternate Address

Privacy Protection:

  • Your residential address will not be displayed in public records, enhancing your privacy.


  • Ensure you can still be reached for business matters, as the alternate address must be a valid location for receiving correspondence.

Important Considerations

Official Correspondence:

  • All official correspondence from ACRA will still be sent to your residential address, not the alternate address.

Public Records:

  • The alternate address will replace your residential address in ACRA’s public records, ensuring that the public and stakeholders can contact you without revealing your personal residence.

Steps to Register

Log in to BizFile+:

  1. Access ACRA’s online portal using your SingPass.

Navigate to Address Registration:

  1. Follow the prompts to register an alternate address during incorporation or through the relevant update services.

Pay the Fee:

  1. Complete the registration by paying the $40 fee.

Registering an alternate address with ACRA is a practical solution for company officers who wish to maintain their privacy without compromising on corporate transparency. For more detailed guidance on corporate compliance and other business services, visit

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