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ACRA API Mall: Empower Your Digital Solutions with ACRA APIs

30 May 2024

Editor: ET

In the fast-paced business environment of Singapore, access to real-time data is crucial for making informed decisions. The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) offers a robust solution through its API Mall, providing businesses with seamless access to vital business and financial data.

This article, with insights from, explores how ACRA’s API services can empower your digital solutions.

What is ACRA API Mall?

ACRA API Mall is a digital platform that offers application programming interfaces (APIs) to help businesses access real-time data from ACRA’s extensive databases. By integrating these APIs into your business applications, you can retrieve up-to-date entity and financial information effortlessly.

This service is particularly beneficial for companies dealing with business and financial data, enabling them to enhance their digital solutions and improve operational efficiency.

Key Features of ACRA API Mall

1. Entity Information Query API

The Entity Information Query API allows businesses to automatically retrieve comprehensive details about registered entities in Singapore. This includes information such as:

  • Entity name

  • Unique Entity Number (UEN)

  • Business activity

  • Incorporation date

  • Status of the entity Insight: This API is invaluable for conducting due diligence, verifying business partners, and maintaining accurate records.

2. Financial Information Query API

The Financial Information Query API provides access to detailed financial data of companies. This includes:

  • Financial statements

  • Key financial ratios

  • Annual returns

Tip from Integrating this API can streamline financial analysis and reporting processes, saving time and reducing errors.

Benefits of Using ACRA APIs

Real-Time Data Access: ACRA APIs provide real-time access to business and financial information, ensuring that you always have the most current data at your fingertips.

Enhanced Efficiency: Automating data retrieval processes reduces manual effort, minimizes errors, and accelerates decision-making.

Improved Compliance: Access to accurate and up-to-date information helps ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and supports effective governance.

Seamless Integration: ACRA APIs can be easily integrated into your existing business applications, enhancing their functionality and value.

How to Subscribe to ACRA API Services

To start using ACRA’s API services, you need to sign up for a paid subscription. The subscription process is straightforward and involves the following steps:

  1. Visit ACRA API Mall: Go to the ACRA API Mall website to explore the available API services.

  2. Choose Your Subscription: Select the Entity Information Query or Financial Information Query API based on your business needs.

  3. Sign Up: Complete the registration process and subscribe to the chosen API service.

  4. Integrate the API: Follow the provided guidelines to integrate the API into your business applications.

ACRA’s API Mall offers a powerful tool for businesses in Singapore to enhance their digital solutions with real-time data access. By subscribing to ACRA’s Entity Information Query or Financial Information Query APIs, companies can improve efficiency, ensure compliance, and make better-informed decisions. For more detailed guidance and business advisory services, visit

About provides expert business advisory services, helping Singapore businesses navigate incorporation, compliance, and strategic growth.

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