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Understanding Membership with the Singapore Business Federation (SBF)

31 May 2024

Editor: ET

In Singapore, membership with the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) is an important aspect for companies looking to engage with the broader business community and gain access to a range of resources and services.

Under the SBF Act, certain companies automatically become statutory members. Here’s what you need to know about SBF membership, with insights from

What is the Singapore Business Federation (SBF)?

The Singapore Business Federation (SBF) is the apex business chamber in Singapore, representing the interests of the business community in Singapore in trade, investment, and industrial relations. It aims to promote the growth and development of Singapore businesses both locally and globally.

Automatic Membership Criteria

Under the SBF Act, all local or foreign companies registered under the Companies Act with a total paid-up or authorized share capital of S$0.5 million and above automatically become statutory members of SBF. This membership is crucial for businesses that meet the specified criteria. Insight: If your company meets the criteria, SBF will notify you of your company’s membership status. This process ensures that qualifying companies are promptly included in the federation, allowing them to start benefiting from the membership.

Benefits of SBF Membership

Networking Opportunities:

  1. SBF provides numerous networking opportunities with business leaders, industry experts, and government officials. These connections can help your business grow and expand its reach.

Advocacy and Representation:

  1. SBF represents members' interests at various levels, advocating for pro-business policies and regulations. This representation can help shape a favorable business environment in Singapore.

Access to Resources:

  1. Members gain access to valuable resources such as market intelligence, business advisory services, and training programs. These resources can enhance your business operations and competitiveness.

Business Support:

  1. SBF offers various support services, including assistance with international market entry, business continuity planning, and digital transformation. This support is particularly beneficial for companies looking to expand or modernize their operations.

How to Leverage Your SBF Membership

Attend Events and Seminars:

  • Participate in the numerous events, seminars, and workshops organized by SBF to stay updated on industry trends and developments.

Utilize Business Services:

  • Take advantage of the business support services offered by SBF to enhance your company's capabilities and market presence.

Engage in Advocacy Efforts:

  • Get involved in advocacy efforts to ensure your business interests are represented in policy discussions and decision-making processes.

Membership with the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) offers significant advantages for companies looking to thrive in Singapore’s competitive business landscape. By meeting the membership criteria, your company can tap into a wealth of resources, networking opportunities, and support services that can drive business growth and success.

For more detailed guidance on leveraging your SBF membership and other business services, visit

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