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Essential Information for New Company Directors in Singapore: Understanding Corppass

25 May 2024

Editor: ET

Starting a new company in Singapore involves navigating various administrative processes and legal requirements. One crucial aspect for new company directors to understand is Corppass, a corporate digital identity system used for transacting with government agencies online.

This article, with insights from, provides essential information on Corppass and its significance for your business operations.

What is Corppass?

Corppass is a corporate digital identity for businesses and other entities to conduct secure online transactions with Singapore government agencies. It acts as a single access point, allowing businesses to manage and authorize employees' access to various government digital services.

Importance of Corppass for New Companies

Streamlined Government Transactions

Corppass enables businesses to perform a wide range of transactions with government agencies efficiently. These include filing annual returns, applying for licenses, and accessing various e-services provided by agencies such as the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

Insight from Setting up Corppass promptly after incorporation ensures that your business can immediately start utilizing essential government services.

Secure Access Management

With Corppass, companies can assign specific access rights to selected employees based on their roles. This enhances security by ensuring that only authorized personnel can conduct transactions on behalf of the company.

Tip from Regularly review and update access permissions to ensure that they align with your current organizational structure and operational needs.

Setting Up Corppass

  1. Post-Incorporation Step: After incorporating your company, visit the Corppass website to set up your account. You will need your company’s Unique Entity Number (UEN) to register.

  2. Grant Access: Assign Corppass administrative rights to selected employees, allowing them to use their individual Singpass accounts to log in and perform transactions with ACRA and other government agencies. Advice: Ensure that employees understand their roles and responsibilities when granted Corppass access to prevent unauthorized transactions.

Managing Corppass

  • Admin Portal: Use the Corppass admin portal to manage user access, update company information, and monitor transaction activities. This centralized management helps maintain control and security over your company’s digital interactions with government services.

  • Technical Support: If you encounter any issues while setting up or managing your Corppass account, you can contact GovTech’s support team for assistance. Recommendation: Regularly back up your Corppass account data and keep your contact information updated to receive timely support and updates.

Understanding and effectively managing Corppass is essential for new company directors in Singapore. It facilitates secure and efficient transactions with government agencies, ensuring that your business complies with regulatory requirements and can smoothly access various digital services. For comprehensive guidance on setting up and managing Corppass, visit

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