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Company-Related Fees in Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide

06 July 2024

Editor: ET

Understanding the various fees associated with company-related transactions is crucial for businesses operating in Singapore. From incorporation to annual filing, each transaction incurs specific charges that companies need to account for.

This article provides a detailed overview of the fees applicable for different company transactions, offering insight into the costs associated with maintaining compliance and operational efficiency.

List of Company-Related Fees

1. Name Application

  • Fee: $15

  • Description: This fee applies when submitting an application to reserve a company name.

2. Registration Fee

  • Fee: $300

  • Description: This is the fee for registering a new company in Singapore.

3. Annual Filing

  • Fee: $60

  • Description: Companies must pay this fee when filing their annual returns.

4. Conversion within Company Types

  • Fee: $40

  • Description: This fee applies when a company changes its type (e.g., from a private limited company to a public company).

5. Lodgment of Notice of Error (NOE)

  • Fee: $60

  • Description: Companies need to pay this fee to correct errors in previously filed documents.

6. Registration of Particulars Relating to Charges

  • Fee: $60

  • Description: This fee is for registering particulars related to company charges.

7. Registration for Amalgamation

  • Fee: $400

  • Description: This fee applies to the registration of an amalgamation. A separate company registration fee of $300 is applicable if the amalgamated entity is a new company.

8. Application for Extension of Time (EOT)

  • Fee: $200

  • Description: Companies may apply for an extension of time to file accounts or hold the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

9. Other Applications

  • Fee: $200

  • Description: This fee covers various other applications, including:

  • Exemptions from Singapore Financial Reporting Standards requirements

  • Waiver for the annual filing of forms and documents for foreign company operations

  • Relief from requirements for the form and content of accounts and reports

  • License to hold land under Section 23(2)

  • Omission of the word "Limited" or "Berhad"

  • Direction from the Registrar to change the company name

Importance of Understanding Company-Related Fees

Staying informed about the costs associated with company-related transactions helps businesses:

  1. Budget Accurately: Knowing the fees in advance allows companies to budget more effectively.

  2. Ensure Compliance: Timely payment of these fees ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, avoiding potential penalties.

  3. Plan Strategically: Understanding these costs helps in strategic planning, especially for expansions, mergers, and other significant business decisions.

Navigating the various fees associated with company-related transactions in Singapore is essential for maintaining compliance and financial health. By understanding these costs, businesses can better manage their financial planning and avoid unexpected expenses.

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