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All companies operating in Singapore are required to comply with the country's tax and regulatory laws. Meeting deadlines and fulfilling obligations in this regard are primarily the responsibilities of the company secretary and directors.

Hiring an online Company Secretary can help you monitor your statutory deadlines and respond to your corporate secretarial inquiries. Additionally, you can avail of the following benefits:

  1. Improved efficiency: A digital platform can automate many administrative tasks, such as filing annual returns and maintaining company records. This can save time and reduce the likelihood of errors.

  2. Enhanced transparency: With a digital platform, company directors can access the company's records and compliance status in real-time, which can increase transparency and accountability.

  3. Increased accessibility: A digital platform allows for remote access to important company information, which can be especially helpful for companies with multiple locations or remote teams.

  4. Cost savings: By automating administrative tasks, a digital platform can reduce the need for manual labor, which can lower costs and improve profitability.

  5. Better compliance: A digital platform can help ensure that the company is meeting all regulatory requirements and deadlines, reducing the risk of penalties or fines

  6. Overall, a digital platform can improve the efficiency, transparency, accessibility, and compliance of a company, making it an attractive option for businesses in Singapore.

Expede offers a completely paperless and fuss-free corporate secretarial service that comprises:

· Pay one yearly fee and get unlimited access to the following common company secretary services in Singapore

· Preparation & filing of annual return

· Appointment of company directors/company secretary/auditors

· Resignation of company directors/company secretary/auditors/officers

· Change in officers’ particulars

· Change of company name

· Change of registered business address

· Holding of AGM (Annual General Meeting) (if required) and filing of annual return

· Declaration and distribution of dividends

· Change of financial year end

· Change of principal business activities (SSIC Codes)

· Share issuance & transfer (Common & Preference)

Expede is a company paired with our dedicated account manager to use as your online company secretary to keep track of your statutory deadlines and answer your corporate secretarial queries. Our process is online and hold all your important documents securely on the cloud.

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