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Navigating the Green Horizon: ACRA's Sustainability Reporting Office and the Future of Corporate Responsibility

5 February 2024

Editor: ET

The establishment of ACRA's Sustainability Reporting Office marks a pivotal moment in Singapore's commitment to corporate responsibility.

In the wake of Singapore's ambitious Green Plan and the global call for standardized sustainability disclosures, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) has taken a momentous step by establishing a Sustainability Reporting Office.

This article explores the significance of this initiative and how it aligns with the momentum towards global baseline standards. Insight from industry leaders like sheds light on the evolving landscape of sustainability reporting.

The Singapore Green Plan and Global Momentum:

With the launch of the Singapore Green Plan, the nation has set a robust agenda for sustainable development. Simultaneously, the global push for consistent and comparable sustainability disclosures has gained unprecedented momentum. Recognizing the need for a cohesive approach, ACRA has stepped up to establish a dedicated Sustainability Reporting Office.

Key Objectives of the Sustainability Reporting Office:

  • International Integration:

  • The Sustainability Reporting Office at ACRA aims to integrate with international platforms to align Singapore's sustainability reporting with global standards.

  • This international integration is vital for fostering transparency and comparability in sustainability disclosures.

  • Domestic Engagement:

  • Engaging with domestic stakeholders is a cornerstone of the office's strategy. Collaboration with a wide spectrum of companies, beyond those listed on the Singapore Exchange, ensures inclusivity and relevance.

  • The Sustainability Reporting Office will work towards developing a comprehensive Sustainability Reporting roadmap tailored to the unique needs of Singapore-incorporated companies.

  • Advisory Committee Collaboration:

  • Collaboration is at the forefront of this initiative. ACRA, in partnership with Singapore Exchange Regulation, has established a Sustainability Reporting Advisory Committee.

  • This committee, drawing perspectives from diverse sectors, will play a crucial role in charting the way forward, ensuring a holistic and inclusive approach to sustainability reporting.

As a leading player in Singapore's business landscape, recognizes the transformative potential of sustainability reporting. Our insight aligns with the growing need for companies to not only comply with regulations but also embrace sustainability as a strategic imperative. ACRA's initiative reflects a forward-looking approach, and we are poised to support our clients in navigating this evolving landscape.

The establishment of ACRA's Sustainability Reporting Office marks a pivotal moment in Singapore's commitment to corporate responsibility. By plugging into international standards and engaging with a diverse array of stakeholders, ACRA is setting the stage for a comprehensive and globally relevant Sustainability Reporting framework.

As sustainability takes center stage in global business practices, ACRA's Sustainability Reporting Office stands as a beacon, guiding Singapore-incorporated companies towards a more sustainable future. The collaboration with the Sustainability Reporting Advisory Committee and international integration positions Singapore as a leader in corporate responsibility.

Join us at in embracing the future of corporate responsibility. The Sustainability Reporting Office's establishment is not just a regulatory requirement; it's a strategic pathway towards a sustainable and responsible business landscape.

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